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Our history

Mini Garros Tennis Club was founded in 1982. The founders were the parents of the actual owners, Zsuzsanna and Katus Turi.

Katus and Zsuzsanna Turi are multiple-time champion tennis players, moreover, Zsuzsanna is the mother of two-time Hungarian champion Péter Nagy (top ATP ranking: 409).
The Club had operated in Zugló for 36 years, however, it had to move in 2018. The club have moved to the 15. district, Rákospalota, and welcomes guests with its 9 clay court and club house with cafeteria. Out of the 9 courts, 4 are covered with roof, ensuring the continuous playing experience. There are lights at these 4 courts, so it is possible to play even when it gets dark or rains. Moreover, sides will be taken out during the summer season, letting fresh air circulate in and out.

Mini Garros Tennis Club has 300 guests, from which there are 150 with Hungarian Tennis Association certificate, which makes Mini Garros one of the most popular clubs in Budapest. At Mini Garros Tennis Club, guests – whether with or without membership – are having a good time because of the homely moral. Friendships are created, people are getting known and enjoying each other’s company at the club even after the game.

Budapest 02-02-2019